Thursday, May 1, 2008

One Culture, One Demise

Patrick Deneen, a Really Smart Guy (tm), turns in a jam-packed post about monocultures.

He covers monoculturation (?) in agriculture, economics, and education. Of course, there's monoculturization in culture, too. Interestingly, one of my most fondly remembered LJ posts of yesteryear had me pining for a kind of monoculture (as Dr. Tectonic termed it) in aesthetics, specifically pop music. Is media one area where we are fragmenting and not consolidating? Or is the mushy, here-one-day-forgotten-tomorrow mass of popular music itself becoming one very complex and shallow monoculture?

My pining may have been (or may have more recently turned into) less a pining for a monoculture on some national or civilizational level, than a desire for art to once again be some kind of community-level glue instead of a confrontational medium for "expressing one's individuality." Well, I'll stick by that for now, anyway.

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